More Abstract

More Abstract work- This is a new Image in my print store- a digitally "remixed" version of a photo I took some years ago, an already rather abstract photo of paint I had discovered splashed on the ground outside an ice rink:

This kind of abstract work might seem at a glance to be a departure for someone with a mainly peaceful landscape portfolio.    But if you've read past posts from me you'll know that it was finding the abstract compositions in nature that really turned me on to start photographing it more studiously.  Abstract art is in some ways just pure unfiltered design.  And as an all-around creative who photographs architecture for a living, design is an incredibly engaging subject for me.  So, as my photos of nature which more closely resemble abstract expressionist art have been the photos which excite me the most, I imagine more abstract work will find its place in my online galleries.  Check out these new additions in my abstract and/or digitally altered gallery:

Speaking of "unfiltered design", I'm also trying to remove filters by putting more of myself on this website, including a special exercise in design which is the most "me" thing I've done in a long while!    Music being one of the integral loves of my life, music album cover art is a great intersection of all things James.   In this time of quarantine, I've seen many people posting various social media lists- movie challenges, album challenges, etc.   Since all this time at home has made making art on my computer the easiest way to keep working my creative muscles, I thought I'd use this tool and the digital art medium to put my own spin on an album list- trying to make album cover art for fake bands, ranging from believable to the parodic.   Thinking of band names has always been a fun exercise for me, and I've had tons of old art and old weird photos just sitting on my computer, so this was the perfect way to put all the above to good, "useless" use.   I've been fortunate enough to have done the real album cover design for three different REAL albums, but coming up with these has been just as fun.   See the whole gallery here:

Coming up next- I will be vacationing on Vancouver Island this summer- I'm looking forward to sharing some great (and hopefully more abstract) photos of land, sea, and trees!

Until then, take care!