Happy Old Year!

How was your 2018?

It wasn't the easiest year for many of us, but easy times produce very little growth, am I right?

For me, this was a year for growing, preparing and creating opportunities.  Expectations of things to come.  

"Water from the Rock"

I've recently added to my gallery an old photo I took, from a 2013 trip to Banff, Alberta- somewhere along the highway.  I was in the back of a moving van when I took it.  I didn't expect it to turn out well, but I was so excited when it did, and it became my favourite image from that trip.  A large print of it hangs in my living room.  That print was one my main motivations in launching this site, which I officially did this year.  Like that seemingly unlikely trickle of water from some unseen mountaintop, pouring down that formidable rock face, I'm hoping this will lead to good things, like a photo unexpectedly turning out so sharp from the back of a speeding van.  I'm hoping in 2019 we can get even more than we expect or hope for.

In 2019 I hope to finish my work of going through my photos of the past 5 or so years to sort out all the print-worthy photos and get them up on my site finally, but also work on developing something new, especially a new series I have planned involving a sculpture I've created- details to come!   I also hope to at least begin on a completely unrelated project of recording music- something I've put off attempting for years but has been a life-long goal.  (I can let you know about that too)

Looking forward to the work ahead-